Well if you don’t mind me sharing, I feel like I have a form of self dualism. Stoned me understands why I do what I do when I’m stoned, and allows a degree of clarity in my thinking. I’m far more creative, happy, tranquil and at one with the universe when I enjoy cannabis or use it as medicine for migraines or back pain and what have you. Now, when I am sober I see the time I spend while high almost as futile. Sometimes being high interferes with brief periods of life where I might need to be sober. The next day after smoking I have noticed that I feel lethargic, groggy. Unless I “wake and bake”, it lasts a decent amount of time, to the point where I don’t usually smoke before bed anymore. I pretty much only smoke after I work out and get home from the office for the day. It’s seemed to help me to set a prerequisite to smoke. I guess this was pretty long.